Heat notice

At temperatures above 25 degrees we will keep your order separate – we will ship if we know your chocolate will arrive safely. There is no very specific point at which we do or do not send, but the limit is around 25 degrees celcius. There is more to consider – how long will the package travel, what are the night temperatures, etc 

Of course receive a message if your package is sent by post, but keep in mind that your package might remain in our well-cooled chocolate office for a few days.

Do you have a mailbox that is not in the shade? Then pay extra attention or email us first. If your chocolate is left in full sun for a few hours, there will be little of the chocolate left.

Temporary stop on orders outside of NL, BE, DE 1-7-2021

Due to new European VAT rules you temporarily can only order from NL, Belgidum or Gemarny from 1-7-2021. We have to find the right local vat tariffs for every single EU country and make sure we apply them correctly – quite a bit of work. We hope to be able to send abroad again in 2-3 weeks, this will also depend on temperatures.

For further shipping info, see below. Best, Paul & Emma.

How does delivery work

Do you live in the Netherlands? Then we have several options including delivery by bicycle,pickup or regular mail.

Do you live abroad? We send our parcels by dutch package mail (Postnl).

In several European countries (Belgium, Germany, etc)  you order  directly on our site. For elsewhere, please contact us by mail – see below.

Important notice in advance: to pick the order and before we start sending it to you can take some time. Sometimes we send it on the same day you order but it can also take up to a couple days to start sending your package.You can always count on a personal message about your order status.

Please do not order if you are in a big hurry. We are no Amazon.com and don’t have a big distribution centre. If you are in a hurry, send us an email first.


    1. Package delivery within the Netherlands € 2,95
    2.  By bicycle in NL – € 2,95
    3. To Germany or Belgium – €5,95
    4. France / Italy / Spain / Denmark  /Austria / Czech Republic €11,95,-
    5. Other countries – email us!

If you order from Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain and some other EU countries you can do so on our website. 

10-12-2020: We are sad to arrive at this moment but we can no longer accept United Kingdom orders for now until we know more about the post-Brexit situation. We will be thinking about our friends across the channel and hope we can send packages again soon. 

If you want to order and your country is not listed in the checkout please email us first.

We can ship all over the EU, and elsewhere too. We can not accept credit card payments and require payment before shipping (paypal or bank transfer) – shipping outside Europe is expensive so we can also try to help you find a more local option.

Returning: (dutch notice)

Je hebt het recht je bestelling tot 14 dagen na ontvangst zonder opgave van reden te annuleren. Je krijgt dan het volledige orderbedrag inclusief verzendkosten gecrediteerd binnen 14 dagen mits je de artikelen in goede staat retourneert. Enkel de kosten voor retour van jou thuis naar de webwinkel zijn voor eigen rekening. Indien je gebruik maakt van je herroepingsrecht, zal het product met alle geleverde toebehoren en – indien redelijkerwijze mogelijk – in de originele staat en verpakking aan ons geretourneerd worden binnen 14 dagen na aanmelding van het retour. Om gebruik te maken van dit recht kun je contact met ons opnemen via info@chocoladeverkopers. Wij zullen vervolgens het verschuldigde orderbedrag binnen 14 dagen na aanmelding van je retour terugstorten.

Voor de duidelijkheid: dit is puur het herroepingsrecht. Je kunt de bestelling herroepen zoals hierboven omschreven. Dit gaat dus bijvoorbeeld niet om repen waarvan je al gegeten hebt.

A couple questions we answer in advance?

Why no free delivery when i order more than x?

It’s quite simple: sending packages isn’t free. That’s just the way it is. Yes, we could make every bar a tiny bit more expensive, and pretend like we don’t charge you for shiopping that we – which is the custom way to go for most webshops nowadays.  We prefer keeping the costs clear and simple. If you come to our store it will cost you either gasoline or effort for your muscles. If we send the package it will cost us a box, stamps and time.

Do you send chocolate to my country?

We can ship across Europe, and on request also elsewhere.

For Belgium & Germany shipping is 5,95 euro.

France Austria, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Chech Republic (€11,95)

Finland, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia (€ 14,95)

Bulgaria, Estland, Romania (€ 24,95)

If you live elsewhere in Europe we are also able to help you. 

If you want to order and your country is not listed in the checkout please contact us by email so we can tell you more, calculate shipping, etc.

Even if you live outside of Europe we might be able to help but we prefer directing you to a (web)shop a bit nearer to you – also because shipping outside Europe is quite expensive which means small(ish) orders are not really worth it if you live outside EU.

Note: for Spain the Canary Islands are in a seperate shipping zone. Other exceptions may also apply. Ordering from there only possible on request and with extra shipping. 

For all orders outside of NL/Germany/Belgium we must ask for advance payment.

Do you guarantee the chocolate will reach me all in one piece?

Most definitely not. Chocolate is VERY FRAGILE. We do always pack the chocolates with the utmost care. A cardboard box with filling material. This is the best way to send chocolate and most of the time the chocolate will reach you in perfect condition.

However, we have learned that now and then in the shipping process the package will be handled quite roughly, or just plainly dropped from 1.5 meters. The consequence: broken bars. It won’t taste any less, but it might be good to know – this can happen. 


Questions? contact us!

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