10 November 2018 chocolade in het nieuws feitjes over chocolade van waarom het zo gezond zo zijn tot echte informatie en achtergronden

In the news: Chocolate bars in favour: from expensive ‘single origin’ to 100% percent cocoa

Because the attention for better chocolate is growing, we thought it would be fun to pay attention to it.

We really like it when not only is written about why chocolate would be healthy or not, or that a new taste of Tony’s is being launched and that the cocoa farmers in West Africa are still doing badly.

We all read that too, sometimes with some sadness, but as journalists take a small step further and venture outside the supermarket, do research, speak to people. Then they also come naturally to the special world of direct trade, special origin cocoa, bean to bar chocolate makers. Anyway, a bit ‘our’ chocolate world.

At dutch TV channel RTLZ today a nice and informative article on their website. With ample attention to what Adil van Chocolatl has to say, and Enver van Chocolatemakers also speaks extensively. A taste wheel is discussed, the different types of cocoa beans. We were also called, and there is even a quote about us 100% chocolates . They are indeed popular, there is no word of it. Now the attention for our webshop is growing, so precise figures are difficult to give – but that they are more popular than ever is a fact.

Even though we remain mostly fan of bars with some sugar, the taste experience benefits us.

Read the RTLZ article here:

Chocolate bars in demand: from expensive ‘single origin’ to 100% cocoa

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