5 februari 2016 questions and answers

Questions for chocolatemakers. Episode 1: The farmers.

questions and answers

Ofcourse, as  Chocolatesellers we love selling chocolate. But for us it’s more, far more, than trading an anonymous bar for money.

More important is the world of chocolate. For us to learn as much as we can about cacao and chocolate making, and ofcourse to inform people about it. How it’s made, where and by who. Who is farming, how it gets to the maker, how they make chocolate from cocoa, and finally how it gets in the store. What goes well, what needs improvement, what determines the price, more about the tastes chocolate can have, etcetera.

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Questions about chocolate, by our customers

We started just over a year ago selling chocolate in Nijmegen,and we are running the webstore for about half a year. In this time we learn, little by little, about tasting, production, cacao farming & what goes on in the world of chocolate.

Because questions by customers can be different from the ones we ask we thought it would be a good idea to let customers ask the questions. Questions we will be be sending to the chocolate makers.

The first question we got was by Pauls’ mother, a milk chocolate fan interested in the ethical side of making chocolate. If you have a question about chocolate, don’t hesitate to contact us!

The first question:

What do you know about the farmers who produce the cacao for your chocolate?

the exact phrashing we’ve send was:

“What do you know about the farmers who produce the cacao for your chocolate? Especially regarding their living conditions (where/how they live/what they earn/what is going well/what could improve)”

cacao in handen cacao boerAnd of course, the answers!

We were very happy to see almost all chocolate makers coöperated and gave their answers, in their own words. Because we really like that everyone chose his/her way of expressing him/herself we will publish the answers just as we got them, with only a few very minor edits.

Because in total it will be quite a lot to read we will publish the answers in the coming weeks, one by one, below you can go to the answers.

Read the answers of:

Tibor Szántó: Happy farmer add better taste cocoa!

Hoja Verde: The farmers get a higher price because of their quality and certificates.

CacaosuyoCocoa farmers are a little disappointed to work with associations and Fair Trade certification 

Georgia Ramon: Our chance is that I know many people in the business so I can source cocoa from people I can trust.

Amma: We walk amongst the cacao trees. We plant the trees. We speak to the trees.

Friis-Holm: The farmers make a product worth the extra price.

Akesson’s: On my Estates, I employ about 700 people and provide for their life.

MarouWe visit our farmers’ houses regularly and know them well.

Madécasse: we work with one of our retail partners and the farmers to improve livelihoods.

Erithaj: the world of cacao is first of all about socio-economic reality.

Original Beans: With our own cacao and conservation projects “on the ground” we can guarantee full traceability




(the anwers that are not yet clickable will be available in the coming weeks)

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