8 februari 2016

What do you know about the farmers? Answer by Tibor Szántó

As chocolatesellers there are a few things we rather do than selling chocolate. Ofcourse, eating chocolate would be one of them. But also: learn about the world of chocolate & teach people about it.

That’s why we let customers and those interested ask questions, questions we send to the makers of the chocolates we sell.

The first question in this series was by Paul’s mother, a fan of milk chocolate interested in the ethical side of our chocolate. Do you also have a question for the chocolatemakers? Contact us!

This blog is also available in dutch.

What do you know about the farmers who produce the cacao for your chocolate?

We send this question to the makers of the chocolates we sell. And received a lot of answers.tibor szanto

Here is the answer by Tibor Szántó.

We work only “fine flavour cacao” that is meaning:
high quality old genetics trees
mainly organic
mainly fair trade certificated
good taste cocoa beans with stong characters

The biggest problems are as I see in West Africa and Asia . We do not buy from these regions.

We buying the beans as possible as sustainable way.
For example:
Ambolikapiky estate, Madagascar. This is a cert. organic farm, we buying the beans from owner (Beril Akesson)
Fazenda Sempre Firme, Brasil. This is a cert. organic farm. They work with very old genetics cacao (Parasinho) we buying the beans from owner (Beril Akesson)

Winak, Ecuador, this is a Unesco Biosphere are. Norbert from Clearchox help me buy directly from farmer

Conacado, Santo Domingo cert. organic and fair plantation. I friend of mine visited this area.

Ben Tre Vietnam. We buying directly from farmer. (Vietcao)

We paying higher amount for cocoa beans directly for farmer. That is meaning they earn better, they develop the farm, and living better.

we belive: happy farmer add better taste cocoa!

all the best,

Answer by Tibor Szántó. We send this question to more chocolate makers, you can also read their answers.

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